Measuring principle and applications

Non-contact distance measuring systems from TELEMESS GmbH are based on the physical mode of action of the eddy current effect. Here, a high-frequency magnetic field is generated by a measuring coil (eddy current sensor) through electrical oscillations. Eddy currents are generated in the electrically conductive material or object that is to be detected or measured by an inductive position measuring system. These correspond to a power loss in the measuring coil or increased damping. The resonant resistance of the oscillating circuit, which changes with the distance between the eddy current sensor and the measurement object, is evaluated.
The temperature stability of the eddy current sensor is optimized by a special temperature compensation.
Non-contact position measuring systems are suitable for measuring all electrically conductive materials. Optimum measurement results can be achieved on materials that are ferromagnetic.
The eddy current sensors that we use for non-contact position measuring systems are wear-free and maintenance-free. The measurement accuracy is not affected by environmental influences such as water, oils, emulsions and electromagnetic interference fields.



Static and dynamic measurements of:

  • Distance
  • Shifting
  • Diameter
  • Deformation
  • Wave displacement
  • Fission measurements
  • Layer thickness
  • Dimensional control
  • Position
  • Centring
  • Deflection
  • Wave vibrations
  • Eccentricity
  • Valve lift
  • Wear