Measurement technology for industry and manufacturing


The modern measurement technology from TELEMESS GmbH offers solutions for many areas of application. We offer customer-specific industrial measurement technology and production measurement technology. Our displacement measurement technology, eddy current sensors and evaluation electronics enable the non-contact execution of different measurement tasks including measurement data acquisition. All system components are developed and manufactured directly by TELEMESS GmbH on site. Since our displacement measurement technology works with the principle of eddy current testing, this non-contact measurement technology is particularly suitable for all industrial sectors that manufacture and process electrically conductive materials and products. For example, various metal-producing and metal-processing industries use our measurement technology to measure, control and optimize their products.

Displacement measurement technology for non-contact measurement data acquisition with evaluation electronics


TELEMESS GmbH has more than 25 years of experience in the field of non-contact displacement measurement technology. For this reason, well-known manufacturers use our measuring technology, eddy current sensors and evaluation electronics in development and production, as well as for quality assurance and machine control. Our displacement measurement technology I-W-A (= inductive displacement transducer) works inductively, i.e. without contact. Depending on the measurement task, the eddy current sensors can be used to non-destructively test and analyze the surface, diameter or distance of your electrically conductive workpieces, for example, using eddy current testing. The non-contact displacement measurement technology provides precise data and insights in every phase of production.


Material testing with eddy currents


During the eddy current test, our measuring technology generates a magnetic field. In this alternating magnetic field, electrical eddy currents are generated, which are induced in the material. However, the material to be tested is not magnetized itself. This measuring method can be used, for example, to carry out non-destructive crack tests, layer thickness measurements and weld seam tests.

Production metrology and industrial metrology for non-destructive quality control


Our production metrology and industrial metrology can be used for all activities associated with measuring and thus also testing a product. The most important task of our measurement technology is to provide information about the properties of the materials and products during the development process. This information in the form of measurement data is used for quality control of the product, the manufacturing processes and production methods. This measurement data can be processed either analogously or digitally with our evaluation electronics. Our production metrology and industrial metrology can be used in development, construction and final inspection. Non-destructive material testing is made possible by non-contact measurement technology or the use of our DMS measurement technology (strain gauges). Production metrology and industrial metrology can be used both continuously and for random testing. For example, ongoing testing is suitable for quality assurance of the production processes.